M2 Magazine presents
M2 Summit
Thursday 23 May 2024
8:30am – 5:30pm


From feedback from the last M2 AI Summit, a lot of the attendees said they wanted assistance to help them navigate the opportunities with AI in their business. They wanted an efficient process to discuss their needs. So we launched the M2 Connector.

At the next M2 AI Summit, 23 May 2024, the 5 solution providers below will have 10 minute meeting slots to meet face to face & discuss what you need. Simply read their services below and then book a meeting time with each, you can book meetings with all 5. On the day, these meetings will happen during the breaks, so you don’t miss any of our expert speakers on stage.


Matrix Consulting specialises in providing expert guidance to businesses in New Zealand and Australia. We help them unlock the full potential of AI technology to gain a competitive edge in this rapidly evolving landscape. Our services address critical questions that businesses face:
⦁ How can AI enhance your business strategy and value chain?
⦁ Is your business ready to embrace AI?
⦁ What are the primary advantages and risks associated with AI?
⦁ How can your business safeguard its intellectual property?
⦁ What steps should your business take to leverage the potential of AI fully?
⦁ How does your business consider the ethical and social implications of AI?
⦁ How will AI disrupt your target market?
⦁ How will AI impact job roles and required skill sets within your organisation?
At Matrix Consulting, we are dedicated to empowering businesses to embrace AI and navigate its transformative benefits.

Adaptiv Primary Positive logo

Adaptiv’s Data and Analytics practice, trusted by leading businesses in New Zealand and Australia, offers responsive data management services to leverage real-time or historical data for strategic advantage. They provide end-to-end data strategies, utilising advanced analytics like machine learning and AI to enhance decision-making and streamline reporting. With expertise in leading cloud platforms, Adaptiv delivers fast, reliable, and professional services, aiding in effectively organising and analysing data to meet strategic goals.

Align Digital Logo

We increase the number of sales/conversions and engagement of any website. With User Research and a robust methodology, we test, design and train teams on how they can take their sites to better sales performances.
Now we are introducing AI solutions to take users’ experiences to new levels with:

Conversational FAQs 

Forms: instead of having users click into so many steps have a trained AI bot do the conversation instead

Social Media: the knowledge of your company can now take the conversation right where users are.


Hyperniche is an AI specialist offshoot of NZ software development agency, Applicable Limited. Its purpose is to take businesses through all aspects of AI transformation, delivering productivity gains quickly and smoothly. Our passion is to see Kiwi businesses making the most of this new way of working to stay at the forefront of their fields. We enable this by actively listening to your needs, finding the best AI solutions for your business and then working with your people and vendors throughout the implementation and learning journey. By creating a comprehensive end-to-end process that makes transition easy for our clients, we believe we can fast forward the benefits of AI within the NZ business community.

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