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6 November 2024, Sydney

30 April 2025, Auckland

The M2 AI Summit is an event that brings together leading figures in the market, who share their unique insights and experiences on how to succeed using AI to increase productivity, customer retention & growth. This event is a unique opportunity for you to learn from the best in business in person.

Each event is attended by over 500 business decision-makers, making it an exceptional gathering of business leaders, experts and innovators, who connect and share their thinking, actions and results on their success with AI.

What sets our events apart is that they provide a balanced perspective to help you make better choices for your business and customers. You will explore the risks, opportunities, and timelines from a strategic business point of view.

The event features over 10 speakers delivering keynotes, case studies & panel discussions plus on the day quality networking, and hospitality. It’s a day of immersion that you don’t want to miss, hosting your team & clients.


What to expect

Advice on What Works From Those Doing it:
Upstairs a lineup of renowned experts and thought leaders giving you valuable insight on how the best are using AI to succeed.

Meeting Areas:
Space for meetings or just catch up on some work or a zoom call.

Exhibit Area:
The Exhibit hall features both Tech & Lifestyle Exhibits for you to engage with from AI & Automation to Cars, Travel, Whisky & Wine.

All Guests will receive: Espresso Coffee, Morning Tea, Lunch, Non-Alcoholic Drinks, Fruit and Scotch, Cocktails & Wine with Nibbles at the Networking function – all inclusive.

M2 AI Summit May 2024 (88)
M2 AI Summit May 2024 (97)
M2 AI Summit May 2024 (7)


6 November, Sydney


9:00am – Welcome – Andre Rowell, Editor M2 Magazine

9:10am – What’s Changed In The Last 12 Months?

9:35am – How to Increase Productivity with AI & Machine Learning

10:00am – AI & Cybersecurity – What You Need to Know


11:00amInnovation, Regulation and the Exponential Rise of Gen AI

11:25amThe Talent Needed Fill The AI Skill Gap

11:50am – BREAK

12:00pm3 Years of AI Madness and What It Means for Business

12:25pmHow AI is Impacting the Health & Safety Future


2:10pm – AI & Automation Tools Your Organisation Should Be Using Now For Growth

2:35pm – Humans & AI, The Future of an Augmented Workforce

3:00pm – BREAK

3:10pm – AI and The Future of Work

3:35pm – Learning Workshop


5:00pm – CLOSE

Speakers at last summit (23 May 2024) 


Jovan Pavlicevic

Founder of SquareOne which started as an app to help children learn about savings which is fast becoming a new generation of lean, low fee bank models with global ambition by leveraging AI for insights, operations and customer interactions. SquareOne is an example of high growth opportunity in legacy industry for disruptive players.



Nikhil Ramrakhiani

CTO of Pie Funds, is at the forefront of driving AI adoption within the business, aligning use cases with strategic goals. Nikhil employs a high-impact, low-risk approach to AI adoption, navigating the rapidly evolving landscape through modular solutions. As a passionate advocate for AI’s potential, he dedicates focused time each day to studying and researching Gen AI, ensuring he stays abreast of the latest developments and its practical applications to businesses.

Dr Alia Bojilova

Performance Coach for SAS Soldiers and Olympic Athletes. During her time with the UN Dr. Alia and her team were taken hostage in Syria. She negotiated the release of her team without harm. She works with Movac Ventures and assists companies in building cultures of adaptability and innovation.

Andrew Dentice

Technology Lawyer and Partner at Hudson Gavin Martin. He’s an expert in areas where technology intersects with regulation (including AI) and in helping clients to commercialise or implement tech solutions.


Asa Cox 

Asa Cox is the founder & CEO of Arcanum, a company that specialises in helping finance teams increase their productivity with AI. Arcanum is one of only 20 companies in the world to have been signed up for the Strategic Collaboration agreement (SCA) for Gen-AI with AWS. Asa has nearly a decade of experience working with applied AI and has led Arcanum to work with well known startups and enterprises in NZ and internationally. 


Paul Roseman

Paul has more than 30 years’ experience working in the healthcare arena, with more than 20 spent working in Independent Practitioner Associations (IPAs) and Primary Health Organisations (PHOs). During his time with ProCare, Paul is Chair of Clinical Assessments Limited (CAL) a longstanding partnership between ProCare and East Health. Paul is a registered pharmacist and graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of Otago.


Bill Haylock

Director PX4 Software, Ardent Group and Torch Energy. His career, initiated in the late 1970s, saw a pivotal moment in 1986 when he founded Queensland’s pioneering exploration and mining tenement management business. By 1988, Bill was instrumental in the development of tenement management software.
PX4 is a third-generation software, being utilised all over the globe by major mining companies.


Bede Cammock-Elliott

Bede Cammock-Elliott Bede is Founder of both seeo.ai and seedigital Limited. Founded in 2003, seedigital is a World Leading interactive remote video monitoring company that protects $5.5Billion worth of assets for many iconic brands & organisations throughout New Zealand. Bede is a published author in the UK & Brazil. He is a qualified assessor for the European Business Quality Model (Known as EFQM) & Chairman of the LSV Patrons Trust. He is a leading thinker on solving security related business problems, and the ethical application of AI to increase H&S outcomes for all stakeholders.


David Mcdonald

As Founder of Altered State Machine, and a major shareholder in Futureverse, David has a had a varied tech and venture career with the last decade across generative visual and music AI, blockchain, and gaming partnerships with ReadyPlayerOne, Reebok, Warners Music, Muhammed Ali, and Fifa. In 2023, David founded Being AI. Being has a unique perspective on the AI-enabled world to come as they not only build and patent AI, but also advise and support NZ companies on AI adoption, and also invest in both legacy industries being transformed by AI and AI-focused startups. 



As a Co-Founder of Ambit, Tim led a team of industry experts in designing and delivering natural, intelligent conversational experiences for some of the world’s leading organisations. With over 25 years of experience in strategy, executive management, and technology, Tim has a track record of automating customer service at scale with generative AI. He is a strong advocate for the immense potential of AI in transforming customer support and driving business growth. 


Leighton Roberts

Leighton Roberts is the co-founder and co-CEO of Sharesies. At Sharesies, their vision is to give someone with $5 and $5m the same money opportunities. Sharesies is a wealth app with over 600,000 investors who’ve collectively invested billions of dollars. Sharesies also partners with private, and NZX and ASX listed companies so they can know and communicate to their retail investors, support with capital raises and provide staff share schemes – they have over 500 companies using their services.



Chief Technology Officer of Mantel Group, Adam sits across Sitting across the group’s wide range of specialisations and technical capabilities. His career in IT started over 20 years ago in IT software support moving to system engineering and virtualisation and then into cloud. He was the co-founder of CMD Solutions before it joined Mantel Group, forming one of the top and fastest growing IT professional services organisations in Australia



Principal for Mantel Group NZ, Natalie has global experience delivering analytics, data science, optimisation and simulation projects, building highly skilled analytics and AI delivery teams, and driving responsible technology innovation at an enterprise level. She has overseen Mantel Group’s growth in New Zealand with capabilities across the technology development lifecycle. Natalie is an Executive Council Member of AI Forum NZ and co-hosts the AI Australia podcast.


Anna Mowbray

Revolutionising industries and fuelling innovation, Anna Mowbray is a powerhouse entrepreneur and one of Aotearoa’s most influential business figures. As one of the leaders who grew ZURU to billions in trade, she led culture, systems and operations as the company grew across the world. Today, she leads her new business ZEIL, a cutting-edge, data-driven job marketplace founded in 2022. 

WHO Should attend?

1. Businesses looking to outcompete their market leveraging technology.
2. Businesses wanting to deepen client connections to grow their partnership.

3. Businesses wanting to strengthen their senior team, enabling personal & therefore business growth by spending valuable face to face time in an expansive environment.

4. Leaders wanting to invest a day with their rising stars in the business to share ideas, goals & visions for them personally & the future of the business.

5. Leaders wanting to create new opportunities by networking with other business leaders about productivity, growth & business development.

6. Business Leaders wanting to best leverage their time with our M2 Connector where they can “speed date” for 10 minutes with up to 6 solution providers to help them leverage technology to grow their business. Only booked attendees can do these meetings. 


WhAT AttendeES SAY

“Was a super inspiring day and left very energised!  Keen to bring more IAG leaders next time.” (June 2024) – -Nick Roberts, Executive Manager Direct Brands, IAG

“Last month, Brien Keegan and I attended the M2 Magazine AI Summit at Shed 10 in Auckland. Such a fantastic day, a great venue, impactful speakers, and inspiring conversations. We’re living in an era where artificial intelligence is reshaping industries and redefining what’s possible. Events like the M2 AI Summit offer a sneak peek into the future of technology and its impact on our lives. The lineup of thought leaders, innovators, and practitioners shared their unique perspectives on AI’s current state and future direction, helping to build our understanding of AI’s rapidly evolving landscape. What makes this event a total game-changer? You get to hear from the best in the business, weigh the pros and cons, and explore the endless possibilities of AI from a neutral perspective, understanding the risks, opportunities, and how AI can impact us, our businesses, and our customers.” (May 2024) – Clara Jensen, Digital Tech, Sprout People

“It was great to host clients recently at the M2 Magazine AI Summit in Auckland. Industry thought leaders discussed the pros and cons of these emerging technologies and how their application is going to reshape traditional ways of working. AI isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a powerful tool companies are leveraging to gain competitive advantage and it’s happening faster than we understand. It was evident that although there is massive uncertainty in this space across the masses, there is one thing that is certain…AI might not take your job, but the individual and companies who adopt it effectively, just might.” (May 2024) – Brynn Uriara, Client Lead at Spark

“Excellent presentation by Asa Cox from Arcanum AI at the M2 Magazine AI summit on Thursday. Loved the enthusiasm and examples of how AI can easily streamline businesses. Very friendly team that understands effective ways to leverage AI to expand your businesses growth, bottom line and success.” (May 2024) – Mark Smart, National Sales Manager, Unicom Security 

“Thanks M2 Magazine for hosting the AI Summit this week. A fantastic event with some thought provoking speakers, innovative ideas and great conversations. Great to connect with old colleagues and meet some new people in the field!” (May 2024) 
-Luma Analytics

“Reflecting on the remarkable experience at the M2 Magazine AI Summit! Our talented team at YOU Travel and Cruise delved into the captivating realm of artificial intelligence at the event. 
The speakers delivered invaluable insights into AI’s transformative impact across industries. Additionally, the captivating display of high-end cars heightened the event’s allure! A heartfelt appreciation to the M2 team for their flawless organization and for curating such an exceptional event. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations!” (May 2024) – Frist Travel Group

“Given the significant disruption by AI in the education space within a short six months of ChatGPT being accessible in market, it was imperative that our organisation understood the directions of travel in this space. The 2023 summit covered a broad spectrum demonstrating the application of generative and other forms of AI, and fostered interesting discussions on how we might utilise AI as a tool to enhance customer experiences and improve productivity. Highly recommended!!” (March 2024) 
-Yvonne Lim, Director, Tui Tuia, University of Auckland

“I attended the M2 AI Summit in 2023 with the Les Mills CEO and Head of Tech. We all found it be a great showcase of how a wide range of businesses are embracing AI to drive meaningful change. On the back of last year’s insightful experience, the CEO is taking a number of his SLT members to the 2024 Summit.” (March 2024) 
-Dione Forbes-Ryrie, Director, Les Mills

Companies That Have Attended

3 Plus
AA Insurance
ACG Schools
Auckland City BMW
Auckland Mini Garage
Anderson Lloyd
ANU Health Partners
Aspire Property
Avid Legal
Barfoot & Thompson
Being AI 
Berry Street
Best Start
Bluechip IT
Booster Innovation
Code Blue
Cook Costello
Crane Association
Digital Island
East Auckland BMW
East Auckland Mini Garage
Elucidate Consulting
Energy Collective
Foster Moore
G.J. Gardner Homes
Global Endeavours
Grand Millennium Hotel
Habit Health
Hudson Gavin Martin
Info By Design
Intranet Consulting
Kina Construct
Kitchen Studio
Kiwi Property
Learning Circle
Les Mills 
Link Business
Lucknow Initiatives
Luma Analytics
Macro Active
Mantel Group
Mark Collins Hospitality
Matrix Consulting
Melanie Disse Consulting
Mint Design
Miriam Chancellor
Montana Group
MTF Finance
Oceania Cruises
People Project
Pie Funds
Pita Pit
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Auckland
SBA Accounting
Share NZ
Silky Insights
Skin Institute
SME Growth
Splash Digital
Stainless Design
Steel & Tube
STH Group
Target State
Team Cloud
Tickled Pink
Trade Me
Trust Management
Ullrich Group
University of Auckland 
Unicom Security
Valid Consulting
Vision Systems
Voluntas Group
YOU Travel

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Specialising in AI solutions for 8 years, Arcanum AI boosts SMB productivity by seamlessly integrating AI assistants into daily operations, driving growth and efficiency.

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Being builds, advises, and invests – using AI to transform companies in previously impossible ways.


ClearPoint helps organisations succeed in a continually changing digital landscape. ClearPoint is a trusted technology partner combining digital design, software and platform engineering, data and artificial intelligence to help you adapt to change.

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M2 magazine presents

M2 Summit


6 November 2024, Sydney

30 April 2025, Auckland

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