The First, Last And Only Iron Skillet You Need

A man in possession of a kitchen must be in want of a hand-crafted cast iron skillet, and if you’re looking for the best this season, you can’t go past the New Zealand owned Ironclad Pan Co.

Some companies offer a year or two guarantee on their products (after you pay a nominal fee, of course), but the team behind the Ironclad Flagship Legacy Pan feel so strongly about theirs that it has a three generation guarantee cast on the base of every Ironclad Pan.


The Legacy Pan is a 28-centimetre mid-size 100% cast iron skillet that is perfect for family meals, although things start to get messy when the family needs to decide who it will be bequeathed to upon your passing. It comes unseasoned, which means no chemicals, but it comes packaged with everything you need to get started, including  a bottle of Marlborough Grape Seed Seasoning Oil, an Ironclad cotton storage bag, printed care instructions and a hand-signed Three Generation Guarantee.

Other optional extras you should however consider picking up at the same time is the Ironclad Pan Snug, which protects hands from hot handles. The skillet handle sleeves are hand-made to order by Coast Craft in Franz Josef using New Zealand leather.

We live in an era of disposable everything, so when founders Joe and Kate started their business of skillfully hand-poured and hand-finished skillets in a New Zealand foundry, they were going against the grain of business. They wanted to make something that wouldn’t need to be replaced for 100 years, and even then, they wanted it to be planet friendly as they opted to use only the highest-grade recycled T100 iron.

For more information, including a solid selection of Ironclad kitchen accessories, not to mention delicious skillet recipes created by culinary advisor Felicity Morgan-Rhind, visit


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