Save the Ocean

Big watch name, Seiko, have noticed an issue arise in the world and they want to lend a helping hand in collaboration with aquanaut-filmmaker and ocean conservationist, Fabien Cousteau, to fix it. Fabien, the grandson of famed naval officer and scientist, Jacques Cousteau, is brand ambassador for Seiko’s Prospex dive watch and is deeply passionate about maintaining and loving the sea, trying to go green in any situation.

His activity list is pretty impressive and makes him the best guy for the job. He’s has always been destined to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps, spending 31 days underwater in 2014 to collect scientific data. Two years after this record-breaking adventure, he founded the Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Centre, which Seiko donate a portion of all sales of the Prospex ‘Save the Ocean’ collection to. In November last year, Cousteau also scuba dived and snorkled at Fitzroy Island to scuba dive, snorkel and research at a turtle rehabilitation centre.


The Prospex ‘Save the Ocean’ is a beautiful timepiece with a textured blue face that is reminiscent of the blue whale. Stainless steel and strong, this analog watch uses an unidirectional rotating bezel, designed for up to 200m dives. It’s available in stockists or online for NZD$925.

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