Tax, Recruitment And Reality TV Are All Certainties Of Life

But what can we learn from Jerry Springer, and how can we apply it to recruitment?

“There’s something about the openness of people. Yes, we have our faults, but deep down, there’s a goodness” – Jerry Springer

As a young lad growing up in Britain in the 1990s, I was excited to have a rare sick day from school and binging on reality TV chat shows. Oprah and Rikki Lake were before my time and Netflix was just a dream away, but I would lovingly tune in to Jerry Springer for his own style of social commentary and those classic episodes including: Dad Stop Dating My friends or Naked Peek-A-Boo! – These were real people, with real stories and real dilemmas.

“We are all born as empty vessels which can be shaped by moral values” – Jerry Springer

I’m not saying Jerry Springer for the next US President, but as the Godfather of the original tabloid talk show, Jerry Springer created a fascination of reality chat shows that shaped the medium as we know it today. He created a controversial style of talk show that arguably helped to us to understand people. During these last 25 years our society has dramatically changed, as have I. Sex is more widely openly discussed, reality TV is the highest entertainment on any network and topics such as transgender is widely accepted and respected. Whatever drama happened on screen, Jerry would ensure it had a positive outcome for the audience.

I have learnt a lot from “Jer-Ry, Jer-Ry” and not from the name calling, naked brawls and DNA results. Don’t worry, I don’t wear diapers on the weekend, but what I did love was the Theatre that I witnessed through the TV screen. This lead me to training at drama school in the UK, where I would study people, body language and character of both real and fictional people and attempt to re-enact this on stage or screen. However, I soon went on to get a “proper” job and left my acting dreams behind, be it all but a couple of commercials. But I did witness the 2003 stage show of Jerry Springer: The Opera, and loved it! But that’s another story…

So, what can we learn from Jerry Springer and apply it to recruitment I hear you ask?

As Jerry once said: “All of us, whether or not we’re celebrities, everyone ought to spend part of their life making someone else’s better”.

Whilst in an interview, I have yet to have a wedding proposal, nudity or fighting unlike Jerry. But I have had real people with real desires to change their lives. I am not a salesman, and nor will I ever be. I have a genuine interest in people to help change lives for the better. I can honestly say I love my role in recruitment. If it’s not helping a candidate to learn of a new opportunity then its helping a client fill a role. Nothing beats giving good news. I am fortunate to work with some amazing people within Adecco – all with an honest and caring desire to help people. I have been privileged to have worked my way up through ­Adecco. Not just geographically from Dunedin to Auckland, but career wise as: An Associate, Resourcer, Consultant and Branch Manager. I have seen first-hand the benefits of working with a HR provider, both externally and internally with the career opportunities I’ve been blessed to obtain.

No day is the same – no two candidates are the same. Many of my placed associates have gone on to become clients. Working relationships have gone on to become personal friendships. So, how have I been fortunate?

Simple: Respect, Honesty and Appreciation.

Treat others as you want to be treated. We all spend more time at work with people we are thrown together with. We need to make it pleasant for ourselves and those around us. From all the interviews with potential candidates I have conducted, there’s always a person’s desire for more money or progression. But 85% of candidates say they are looking for a new job because of people around them. It could be the boss or a colleague that they just can’t get on with, or they don’t feel respected or valued. Save yourself the turnover of staff. Be approachable: be sensitive, be real, listen and give constructive feedback.

“Hire an attitude, not just experience and qualification” – Greg Savage (Recruitment Guru)

I maybe putting myself out of a job, but whoever you are, and whatever your role – be respectful with positive words and an optimistic outlook and you will have an amazing workplace environment. A company’s only as good as its people and a smile cost’s nothing. Walk into a child’s nursery and you will see no prejudice, but truth, respect and fun. The workplace and in particular, an interview room should be the same – Honest not modest.

As a final thought, in the words of Jerry Springer; “… Take care of yourselves and each other”.

Colin Spicer is a Branch Manager at Adecco Personnel Limited

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