Ep.61 – From Caravan To Global Impact

In 1998, you’d be at the cutting edge of things if you had a 56kb dial up connection. To download a song via Napster might take an hour all going well and, if you were one of those progressive companies to have a website, it might take you 6 months to get it manually listed on the dominant search engine of the time, Yahoo. It was in this year and out of a caravan in Hamilton that Damon Kelly formed the tech company Enlighten Designs which today is NZ’s largest website design, systems design and software development companies – employing over 70 staff.

They work for Microsoft around the world, not just in NZ – specifically on its data journalism project for Associated Press to bring interactive data graphics about the US-election to American news outlets. We talk to Damon about his “overnight success” and how companies in New Zealand are about to help shape the world of innovation from anywhere.

Damon Kelly on Visualising Success:


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