Ep.48 – How To Create A Better Workplace

Tania Domett is the Director and Founder of Cogo, a research agency which since 2014 has delivered evidence-based insights to a broad range of private and public sector clients across New Zealand and Australia.

Understanding and supporting mental wellbeing in the workplace is increasingly a priority for many New Zealand and Australian organisations and as such Cogo has just launched the Workplace Wellbeing Survey to help employers improve the support they offer their people and create a healthier workplace environment.

Among other things, they’ll be finding out rates of stress and burnout in New Zealand and Australian workplaces by occupation, what the contributing factors to that stress are, and what value people place in many wellbeing measures that some workplaces offer like, for example, massages, mental wellbeing apps and subsidised gym memberships.

We talk to Tania about the future of work, how to deal with bullying and the power of insights to drive change.

Take the Workplace Wellbeing Survey here.

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