Ep.29 – Keeping Your Brain Sharp In Any Situation

Gillian Eadie, with a network of Brainfit coaches, helps people of all ages take back control of optimal brain and memory processing at work and in daily life. Training courses, books, eBooks and neuro-games are based on the published research of co-founder and sister, Dr. Allison Lamont.

For 20 years an independent school principal (St Oran’s College, Corran School, Samuel Marsden Collegiate School), Gillian is CEO of Brainfit® Ltd and Memory Foundation with the mission of helping people keep brain and memory skills sharp, irrespective of age. Gillian’s an honorary staff member of The University of Auckland where she managed the Confucius Institute, chaired the Human Participant Ethics Committee for two and a half years and partnered with UoA Computer Engineering to develop four neuro-games.

In 2008, the Memory Sisters began their mission of transforming lives through an understanding of how the brain performs best at work and day-to-day. The ‘always-on’ demands for instant decisions and responses causes a serious health and safety issue affecting productivity – brain overload. Mentally exhausted employees leave for home with unfinished tasks, unreturned calls along with feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy. Taking individual control of optimal brain and memory processing is the key.

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